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The CSC: Hope and Real Change for High-Risk Communities

Thumbnail of Center's Project Videos See this video of the Center's Projects, which have earned national recognition and the California Peace Prize, and have reduced crime, assaults and homicide and increased police cooperation and civic engagement in high-risk neighborhoods across the USA.

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We teach parents, educators, youth-service workers, communities and organizations how to engage the innate resilience — the human capacity for learning, creativity, compassion, common sense and well-being — in the youth they teach and care for, and, as importantly, in themselves … to become wise and loving role models for our children.

The Center’s work is built on three decades of successfully applying a Principles-based/innate health psychology to communities and schools across the nation. We see an understanding of the principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought as the "essential curriculum" for students, educators, caregivers and parents.

Understanding these Principles will assist our younger generations to most rapidly shed insecurity, fear, and the biases and prejudices of the past; and to more fully harness their innate goodness, creativity and wisdom …to create a world of unforeseen possibility and sustainable change.

The Center’s primary activities include:

  • Offering individual, couples’ and family consulting, as well as workshops and educational retreats in Palo Alto and Santa Cruz, CA.

  • Organizational training and consulting.

  • Leadership and learning retreats, and phone consults for individuals and organizational leaders.

  • Corporate wellness programs.

  • Producing materials for the fields of education, youth services and parenting, as well as community revitalization.

  • Producing articles, educational outreach on The Principles, speaking engagements.

  • Designing and implementing research.


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CSC – Making a Difference for Kids– with Your Help!

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”Something I have learned from this class is: Everything is a thought, good or bad, but it is a thought and I am in control of my own thoughts. I am in a group home and will be there for another nine months. When they [CSC] come, it feels like I am not in a group home and I am not on probation and I am not depressed! I love that feeling.“

”The things that interested me in school are the Three Principles (mind, thought and consciousness), because they help you realize the little stuff that you shouldn't trip off of. They help you center your thoughts.“
—Students on juvenile probation at Principals Center Collaborative, a Big Picture school, San Francisco

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The CSC also uses your donations to help run its National Community Resiliency Project (NCRP) work, which has resulted in 75% reduction in violent crime and 50% reduction in school drop-out rates in communities in Iowa, North Carolina and the Mississippi Delta—one of the most impoverished regions of the U.S. (Read the Executive Summary of our NCRP report).

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