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Communities change when they know that wisdom and peace are innately present in every human being.

Communities change when they know that wisdom and peace are innately present in every human being.

Welcome to the new Center for Sustainable Change website! We’re using the month of April to work out the kinks in our new systems. We’d love for you to sign up as an early adopter and give us your feedback, ideas and suggestions. We’ve got a big vision for this, but we need help from the community and people like you to make this a truly helpful and interactive resource for those doing work in communities around the world. Our virtual launch party is happening on May 20th.

With love and appreciation,
The CSC Team

What’s New?

New Blog Post: What I Know for Sure

Recovery Reflections with Patty Tanji
Tuesdays @ 8pm ET / 5pm PT

In the Moment with Judy Sedgeman
Thursdays at 12pm ET / 9pm PT

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Get support with free resources, training materials, case studies and more.

Community of Changemakers

Connect with our growing network of people making the world a better place.

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We’re in the process of documenting the Three Princples at work in communities!

“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.”


– Coretta Scott King


In the Moment

Weekly calls on Zoom with Judy Sedgeman. Drop in and discuss anything on your mind at the moment. Every Thursday.

Recovery Reflections

Three Principles Conversations about Life, Love and Recovery. Every Tuesday. Hosted by Collaboritive Associate Patty Tanji.

Peace for Veterans

Free materials for veterans to help them experience present-moment contentment, clarity and peace of mind.

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Our mission is to establish and support a collaborative world-wide network of changemakers who are introducing the understanding of Mind, Consciousness and Thought via locally-led community change initiatives.

Understanding these Three Principles of Innate Health helps people to rapidly shed insecurity, fear, the biases and prejudices of the past, and to more fully harness their innate goodness, creativity and wisdom.

This helps to create unforeseen possibility and sustainable change in communities around the world.


What I Know For Sure

I was lucky enough to work with Three Principles Facilitator Michael Neill for many years and as such I got to sit in on 5 of his Supercoach Academy classes. In 2014 I was struck by how the impact of this work came out in such seemingly innocuous insights and I wanted to share with Michael what his work was really accomplishing in the world so I set out on a “secret mission”.

March 2018 News & Updates

Last month I mentioned that I had been looking at community as a verb and what that would look like.  This month the team and I are taking that a step further. Over the coming month you will see some exciting new developments in making the word community a verb and...

Do Thoughts Even Matter?

Over the many years I have worked with people seeking peace of mind, three questions consistently arise. (1) Once you SEE that thoughts are transitory, that all thoughts just pass through our minds unless we hang onto them, do thoughts even matter? (2) Given that...

Who Are you NOT Seeing Health In?

Excerpted from Jack Pransky's book, "Prevention from the Inside-Out" Some Native kids began to hang out in a mostly White residential area in Bemidji, Minnesota. They began throwing their garbage on the ground and causing enough of a ruckus that the residents became...

The Infinity of Possibility

(Image: A Student's View of the Universe, Oil painting by Anthony Quesen) The human mind has no limits. We can create anything. We can imagine unseen worlds. We can dream far beyond our knowledge. We can conceive responses to any challenge. We are dynamic players in...

Big Changes at Center for Sustainable Change

Center for Sustainable Change wishes to introduce our new CEO, Terri Alamo, who begins her position effective November 1. Terri replaces our retiring CEO, Dave Nichols, who has served as CSC's CEO with passion, warmth, and devotion for the past 5½ years. CSC's...

“Throughout time, human beings have experienced insights that spontaneously and completely changed their behaviour and their lives, bringing them happiness they previously had thought impossible.”

– Sydney Banks, The Missing Link