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Updates and Community-Focused Writings

A 3P Elevator Pitch?

Of all the things that people have asked us for, by far the one that has come up most is - I want a 3P Elevator Speech! People who have seen the power of the Principles in their own lives and others naturally want to share it and they want to know how to go about...

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Doing Well and Doing Good

Reinvesting is at the heart of the world’s economic system. Money is only a means of reinvestment exchange – reinvestment with the hope of a greater gain. When I was seven years old, my father, a landscape contractor who propagated much of his own landscape materials,...

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How to Help Someone Who is Suicidal

My best effort to share how to help someone suicidal: When someone plummets into dark, hopeless thinking, it appears like a deep hole, not a tunnel, to them. No light at the end, just blind darkness. And in those moments, people see the drastic act of suicide as an obvious escape. They are lost in their own misery. What is missing is…

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12 Hours. Was It Worth It?

Our launch party is over. 12 hours straight of sharing insights, basking in the quiet love and common humanity of us, giving away prizes, laughing, dancing and even wearing silly hats and noses! Was it worth it?! To me - you bet!  I learned a lot. I learned that a...

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Welcome Helen Neal-Ali to CSC!

Center for Sustainable Change is proud to announce Helen Neal-Ali joining the team as our new Social Proof Project Coordinator! She will be collecting social evidence and real life stories of where the Three Principles are being shared, and the experiential results....

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Wisdom Will Show Up

When I reflect on what it is that I know for sure, one thing is that all the answers and all the guidance I need are always there waiting for me in the stillness and quiet of my mind. That this, too – whatever it is – shall pass and new, more helpful thoughts will appear…

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May 2018 News & Updates

So many of you have heard it is ALL ABOUT THE FEELING - well let me tell you we are on top of that!   As a recent webinar attendee said " The feeling was off the charts, the depth of love in this community never ceases to amaze me".  May is all about that LOVE! Each...

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