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Helen Neal-Ali


I was introduced to the 3 Principles 22 years ago by Elsie Spittle. My life was changed the very first day of the 4 day workshop.  I was so moved when she said our thoughts create our reality and that I did not have to take every thought so serious.  I had so many negative thoughts going on at that time it was a relief to know that they were just thoughts and I could take them or leave them. It was life changing.  6 months later I started Life Changing Consulting & Associates to help others in my community learn these 3 Principles.  Over the years I have done work in low income communities, jails, businesses,  drug rehabilitation, HIV clients, domestic violence, schools, and one on one sessions with clients. My goal in life is to help as many people as I can find their wisdom within by sharing the 3 Principles with them.

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Addiction, Caregivers, Community, Domestic Violence, Education, Mental Health, Parenting, Relationships, Stress, Training, Violence, Youth



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