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Redefining Mental Health

Judith Sedgeman, EdD

Redefining Mental Health addresses the evolution of mental health understanding through the 20th century, and describes the current reversal of our understanding of whether circumstances cause our problems, or whether our own thinking creates both problems and solutions. It describes why a redefinition of mental health is necessary.

What is Resilience?

Judith Sedgeman, EdD

What is Resilience? explains the natural resilience that is defined by the Principles that describe how our psychological functioning works. You will see how resilience is readily accessed, and how we know when we are drifting away from it.

Problem Solving from the Inside Out

Judith Sedgeman, EdD

This course explains the difference between solving problems after the fact and getting to the root source of problems to prevent them, or intervene, before they occur. You will learn how and why negative, disruptive behaviors and student problems stem from insecurity, a misunderstood state of mind, that this course will address in depth.

Resilience in the Classroom

Anni Poole, BA Hons

Resilience in the Classroom is designed to enable us to understand how we can respond to everyday teaching and life. How we have our own inner guidance and wisdom to help us to see and understand how innate resilience is always present and so is our natural joy in teaching.

Redefining Mental Health: Self Study

Judith Sedgeman, EdD

Coming soon.

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