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Web-based courses with ILU credits

Center for Sustainable Change has partnered with West Virginia University Academic Innovation to offer a suite of 4 web-based, University-backed, self-directed online courses.

These official “Continuing Education” courses from an accredited University are open to ANYONE, worldwide, who wants to experience a whole new definition of mental health and well-being and recognize the true power of resiliency.

You can register at any time, and start and finish the pre-recorded materials and activities at your own pace without worrying about class meeting times or schedules. The courses are informative, filled with videos and graphics and examples.

Discover how to approach the challenges of school without stress and with optimal ability to enjoy the work!


Redefining Mental Health

Judith Sedgeman, EdD
3.5 ILUs
Tuition: $199

What is Resilience?

Judith Sedgeman, EdD
1.5 ILUs
Tuition: $199

Problem Solving from the Inside Out

Judith Sedgeman, EdD
13.5 ILUs
Tuition: $199

Resilience in the Classroom

Anni Poole, BA Hons
1.5 ILUs
Tuition: $199

Reviving the Joy Certificate Program

Get all 4 courses are taken together during the same term. (8 ILUs + price discount)
Tuition $550 (all four courses in one term)

DID YOU KNOW? Your employer might pay for a portion (or even 100%) of your investment in these official “Continuing Education” courses from an accredited University. Ask your supervisor.


If you run into any trouble with registering for or accessing these courses, please contact the WVU Information Technology Services (ITS) Help Desk at (304) 293-4444. State that you are a non-credit student, and provide your MyID number.

Other WVU Help Contacts:

  • Continuing Education Email address: WVUEnrich@mail.wvu.edu
  • Call Center Phone Number: (800) 253-2762 Prompt #3
  • Direct numbers to Continuing Education Operations Staff:
    From 8 a.m. to noon EST: Sherry Gallagher at (304) 293-7570
    From noon to 4:30 p.m. EST: Ashley Costa at (304) 293-6238

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