Two Hour Workshop

YOUR 3P Elevator Pitch

Playing with Form while keeping the Formless in Mind

Come join us for this 2 hour interactive small group workshop where you will craft your own “elevator pitch” for the Three Principles and decide for yourself if you need it. This is a collaborative exploration on how to talk about the Three Principles.

In this two hour workshop, you can expect:

  • to recognize the importance of where you are coming from when you talk about the Principles
  • to craft an approach to express in form the feeling of the formless
  • to play with different ways of expressing the Principles including definitions, personal stories, one-liners and metaphors and to walk away with examples of each
  • support while you practice with each other
  • to become more comfortable in expressing this understanding in your own way
  • to learn to engage and create interest rather than explain
  • to choose the right words to fit your audience

To keep this an intimate and interactive experience for the participants, we are limiting this course to 12 places and offering them on a first come first served basis.

Those who sign up for this initial offering will receive a bonus follow up call with CSC staff to share their experience and what they have seen since the workshop.

Please note there is no expert here – this is a fun exploration of a topic many have said they would like to explore and the people in the workshop will learn from each other. We want this exploration to be collaborative and we will be using the Zoom platform so please come prepared to be on screen and share contact information for partner work.

If you want to know “why” we are doing this workshop, read the blog post about it.

Oscar Wolters-Duran is a master facilitator who uses the form of interactive workshops to allow people in the room to collaboratively explore topics of interest.


New Date!

Sunday, August 19th

11am – 1pm ET

Spaces Left!

Sunday, July 29th


The July 29th workshop is co-sponsored by Dave and Chini Nichols, making it more affordable for people to take part.

If you would like to sponsor a future workshop, please get in touch.


The cost of the August 19th Workshop is $99


Oscar Wolters-Duran

Oscar was introduced to the 3 Principles in 2010, when Jack Pransky connected him with Ami Chen Mills-Naim and Gabriela Maldonado-Montano. Since then, he has continued to help connect others, attending regular meetings of the East Bay Three Principles Network, and serving on the board of the Center for Sustainable Change from 2011 to 2016.

He is a strategic planning consultant and facilitator who has worked for a wide range of organizations, including UC Berkeley, the United Farmworker Foundation and Centerforce, an organization serving families of the incarcerated at San Quentin prison. He is also an experienced trainer and coach for school districts and afterschool programs throughout California, specializing in social and emotional learning and self-care.

You can find out more about Oscar and his work at

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