Center for Sustainable Change Pilot Project

Recovery Reflections

Three Principles Conversations about Life, Love, and Recovery

This Peer to Peer Open Recovery Group project is about providing a space for simple conversations about life, love, and recovery always directing attendees back to their own innate health and wisdom.

We provide a platform for people who identify as being “in recovery” for conversations about innate health and wisdom. The 3 Principles understanding will act as a foundation for these conversations.

These calls are for people who identify as being “in recovery” such as those who have recently left a formal addiction treatment center or anyone who has searched for an understanding that may lead to freedom from a destructive habit.

Join us Every Tuesday on Zoom Video Conference at 8pm Eastern Time / 7pm Central / 5pm Pacific (Timezone Converter)

PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

US: +1 408 740 3766 or +1 646 876 9923 or +1 669 900 6833
International numbers available

Meeting ID: 464 283 393

Please Note: Recovery Reflections is a peer to peer group sharing conversations about love, life, and recovery. Although these conversation can be potentially life-changing, you as a participant remain responsible for your choices, thoughts, and feelings throughout the conversations. Our peer facilitators are not medical professionals or counselors and are not giving medical advice.

If you like these free calls please consider making a donation to cover production costs and keep them free.


8pm ET


A Note From Patty Tanji

Patty Tanji

Peer Facilitator and Project Lead

Groups will be facilitated by dedicated volunteers. They are not doctors, psychiatrists, or psychologists but rather ordinary people who have discovered their own personal truths. No longer shackled by “addiction” co-facilitators will point attendees to what they themselves have seen. Guided by the principles of Mind, Consciousness, and Thought, attendees will eventually come to see their own true nature which is love and understanding. And that changes everything! Better decisions about relationships, work, and health are made with clarity and compassion when we see the nature of thought working in our lives.

Patty Tanji and friends will be co-facilitating the groups. Patty was introduced to the principles of Mind, Consciousness, and Thought in 2015. She sees these conversations, affectionately called Recovery Reflections, to be an alternative to, but not in conflict of, any 12 Step program.

Wherever you are in your recovery, whether you’ve been a 12 stepper for years, or aren’t even sure you want to give up drinking or using, we hope you will join us.



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