Diversity focus group

Hosted by Audre Garcia-Grice

My name is Audre Garcia-Grice. As an Educator, Diversity Scholar, and Literary Artist, I’ve been studying the 3 Principles for the past 7 years.

I am facilitating an ongoing online videoconferencing “Diversity Focus Group” as my Project with CSC to provide an opportunity to collectively address concerns about diversity within the 3P community.

At the first meeting on October 6th 2017, participants briefly shared, and listened to identify related issues.

Based on the outcomes of this conference, there will be a series of live online discussions, to be announced.

Possible topics for future discussions may include but are not limited to:

  • Defining/strengthening diversity
  • words that describe ethnicity, culture, race
  • self-identity
  • how language can unite or divide
  • deep listening
  • prejudice, racism
  • white privilege
  • talking about controversial issues
  • …and more

Suggested Resource Materials:


“Forget the past and the future, and just be, and you will surely be rewarded by living in the now

– Sydney Banks

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