The Three Principles

Our work is based upon The Three Principles.

A principle is a fundamental truth or natural law like gravity. The three principles behind our State of Mind are always at work, whether we are aware of them or not. Our work is based upon The Three Principles as first articulated by Sydney Banks. The formless nature of these principles speaks to the source of personal reality, before all ideas and concepts, beliefs and belief systems. The three principles are simply words with simple definitions, yet the understanding of how life works is infinite and profound.

Universal Mind – the intelligent energy of life, providing the innate wisdom and implicate order that runs the universe. 

Universal Consciousness – the capacity to experience absolutely anything, and to know where that experience is coming from.

Universal Thought – the play-dough of our expanding universe, bringing the formless creative potential of the Mind into form.

Everyone in this world shares the same innate source of wisdom, but it is hidden by the tangle of our own misguided personal thoughts.”


– Sydney Banks

The unlimited potential of formless intelligent energy is available to all people, regardless of how we use it. The three principles work in unison from the inside-out to create a fully human experience of the physical universe, moment-to-moment. It is our nature and our free will to use the formless power of these gifts and create helpful ways of life. Yet unknowingly, we often misuse this power and create suffering. The human operating system works that way, regardless of thinker or quality of thought. 

The Source of Personal Reality

  • We feel our own thinking.
  • We create a personal reality from thoughts we engage.
  • We use our free will and combine these principles to create a personal experience of life.

As understanding of these Principles deepens across the globe, people are realizing that we are all of the same essence and derive energy from one source, Universal Mind. That one fact is transforming the lives of more and more people in distress. 

Recommended Resources

There are many books, videos and other resources about the Three Principles and Syd Banks. Here are some of the resources we recommend.

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