People before principles

Presented by Amir Karkouti

The Principles as uncovered by Sydney Banks are revolutionary. Many of us who have had a glimpse of the Principles have found a well-being and a sense of resiliency unlike any other understanding. However, many who “get” this understanding have a difficult time conveying the message in a way that appeals to people’s common sense.

Author, Speaker, and Practitioner, Amir Karkouti hosted a beautiful call about bringing our humanity back when sharing the Principles. You can watch the replay below.

“The feeling was off the charts, the depth of love in this community never ceases to amaze me.”Clesia Mendes

“This webinar was great! So nice to see new faces and feel all the love-VERY inspiring!Audre Garcia-Grice


Please note the official introduction begins at 12:45 but references were made later in the call to what was said before it officially started, so we left it in the recording. Proceeds from Amir’s “Three Principles Strategy & Technique Book are being generously donated to Center for Sustainable Change.

This webinar was free of charge. If you’d like to see more like this, please consider making a small donation to CSC to cover costs of future webinars!


  1. Gini Roberson

    Than you Amir for articulating my expericences during the wakening moments. Peace and Love.

  2. Phil Hathaway

    Just watched the replay and I’m deeply moved. Thank you Amir…..and everyone else on the call….there was something very refreshing and very hopeful within the presentation.


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Amir Karkouti

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Amir Karkouti is a transformative coach, owner of a San Diego based chain of restaurants, author of numerous titles, including Do NOTHING To Get EVERYTHING, Lessons From My Coach, Happiness Formula, What The F**K Are The Three Principles? and Three Principles Strategy & Technique Book. He has spent over ten years as an adviser, mentor, and coach to Fortune 500 CEO’s, military men/women, and people who want to get more out of themselves and their lives. From his personal and professional experiences working with a range of clients, he has discovered that we all have the capacity for innate well-being. He lives in Carlsbad and can be found spending time with his beautiful wife, French Bulldog, and the world’s smallest and cutest coach; his daughter, Aria. You can find out more about him at

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