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People before principles

Presented by Amir Karkouti

The Principles as uncovered by Sydney Banks are revolutionary. Many of us who have had a glimpse of the Principles have found a well-being and a sense of resiliency unlike any other understanding. However, many who “get” this understanding have a difficult time conveying the message in a way that appeals to people’s common sense.
Author, Speaker, and Practitioner, Amir Karkouti will be facilitating a discussion on how to bring our humanity back when sharing the Principles.

Join him as he shares:

  • Why starting where you are is more impactful than sharing what somebody else has come up with.
  • Why being confused about the Three Principles can be a big benefit when sharing.
  • How to share this understanding in a corporate setting, at a recovery center, with family or friends.
  • How to come up with metaphors, analogies, and stories to bring the Three Principles to life.

This is not your typical webinar. Amir will be facilitating a discussion so there will be plenty of back and forth, questions, answers and insights of others.



Amir Karkouti

Master Certified Coach

Amir Karkouti is a transformative coach, owner of a San Diego based chain of restaurants, author of numerous titles, including Do NOTHING To Get EVERYTHING, Lessons From My Coach, Happiness Formula and his latest book What The F**K Are The Three Principles? He has spent over ten years as an adviser, mentor, and coach to Fortune 500 CEO’s, military men/women, and people who want to get more out of themselves and their lives. From his personal and professional experiences working with a range of clients, he has discovered that we all have the capacity for innate well-being. He lives in Carlsbad and can be found spending time with his beautiful wife, French Bulldog, and the world’s smallest and cutest coach; his daughter, Aria. You can find out more about him at