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What I Know For Sure

Stories of Inspiration and Hope

What I Know for Sure takes us back to what we each have seen as a result of learning about the Principles.  Sometimes these insights might seem so small – “I make better decisions when I am settled down” – but imagine the ramifications if everyone saw what you have seen!  This is an opportunity to share things in your own words of how the Principles have brought insights that changed YOUR WORLD, and have the potential to change THE WORLD. Each video is around 5 minutes.



How to participate in the What I Know For Sure Series:

1. Record a video of yourself on webcam or on your phone (please shoot in horizontal / landscape mode!) and introduce yourself by name. Example: Hi, I am Jane and what I know for sure is…

2. Tell a story about the insight you had, how it came to you, and what difference it made in your life.

3. Upload to Dropbox or Google Drive or even YouTube. Then submit the form to the right with the link where it can be downloaded.

Please note that sharing these files with us gives CSC permission to post these files, with edits, to the website (we will add titles and music). We may also share them on social media and other outlets. All videos in this series will be free to the public and will never be sold.

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